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As Columbia Journalism Review, Media Matters for America, and countless others have noted, the media has applied an alarming double standard in covering Bush’s and Kerry’s changes in position… a media double standard that could determine the result of the 2004 presidential election.

David Brock and Jamison Foser / AlterNet / 9-9-2004 / 4:17

A Shot Across the Bow or a Sign of the Times?

In his speech at the Republican National Convention, President Bush garnered laughter and applause by taking a shot at the New York Times…It’s well-established that Bush and his team consider the media just one more special interest with one more special agenda, but last week’s attack, little-commented-upon though it has been, marked a line drawn in the sand in front of a national audience.

Brian Montopoli / CJR Campaign Desk / 9-9-2004 / 3:58

Bush’s Convention: Amazing TV Triumph, Infomercial for Ages

When President George W. Bush introduced his wife at the Republican National Convention via satellite from Gettysburg, Penn., you could see, over his left shoulder, a softball game going on. But if you looked a little closer, you saw something odd: All the batters whacking pitches into the air had the number “43” stenciled on their jerseys in bright white print.

Joe Hagan / New York Observer / 9-9-2004 / 3:47

How Arab TV Covered the Republicans’ Convention

Except for the state channel controlled by the Saudi royal family — who are loyal U.S. allies — several of the key players in Arab television tended to not conceal their distaste for President Bush’s Middle East policies.

Jalal Ghazi / New California Media / 9-9-2004 / 3:30

Willie Horton II?

[Washington Post reporter] Paul Farhi’s comparison of the 1988 Willie Horton ad and this year’s Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad lets the media off the hook a little too easily… there’s a huge difference between an ad that’s vile and highly misleading but literally true (Horton was furloughed on Dukakis’s watch) and an ad that’s factually inaccurate on top of being vile and misleading…

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How to Install Undercabinet Toaster Ovens

how to mount under cabinet radioToday, people are cautious to locate on the devices in their kitchens. This is the theme of the kitchen space related and the importance of the continuity of their movements when you are working in your kitchen. They come with the solution toasters can be mounted under your cabinets. Besides the fact that the activity makes cooking easier but also adds beauty to your kitchen decor and organizes them.

Before you begin to think about installing Undercabinet toasters, make sure that the person buying is good particularly trustworthy when it comes to the safety of the kitchen. follow cabinet assembly. This guide will help you.

Unpack all content from your newly acquired cabinet toasters kit. You must make sure that everything is to make fully – installation disks, spacers, and even each screw should all be there. The template is also very important. The template is the pattern that installed base is.

a major consideration in choosing the area required if you set the oven. reduce self clutter on the workspace, look for an area adjacent or close to a power outlet as possible. Also avoid areas above the sink and kitchen appliances. More importantly, make sure that the location that you choose a flat bottom has.

Once you have chosen the right place, remove the oven baffle toaster gently pulling it forward on the hood. The front and hooks on the back is released. Secondly, the mounting template at the bottom of the box and align it with the template. Safe place and the screw holes. Third, a ¼-inch drill bit, drill the holes under the cabinet 4 Spots template. Remove the mask and clean the dust from the hole. Insert the disc in the housing and align along the four holes. Then make sure that the hood is in place and align the front of the front of his cabinet for countertop convection oven.

The holes in the cabinet, which should been explored also aligned with the holes in the hood. Secure the screws near the holes and make sure they squeeze. This is very important because the toaster must be stable throughout. Drag and make sure that it is safe, to prevent the shaking and moving when used. After securing the hood, you can now lift the oven. Replace the back followed by the front hook hook. Finally, set the toaster on the hood and clean the interior and exterior of the oven. All that remains is to plug in the toaster, so you can enjoy it to begin.

Undercabinet installation toaster will take some time, but definitely worth it. Do not worry, because the instruction manual that comes with the stove is very useful. It also has the ability to call a professional to do the job for you. After connecting your toaster enjoy doubt in any way the oven.

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Arthritic Knee Braces on The Market

best knee brace for dislocationHow will you know if you have arthritis in the knee? There are many different forms of arthritis, to vary tend causes. Scientists are currently investigating how affect the roles of the main factors, including genetics and lifestyles, the development of arthritis.

You may not notice the pain of arthritis immediate present. Arthritic pain usually develops slowly over a long period. You may find that the knee is stiff and swollen. You may find it hard to bend or stretch. You can feel in pain and weakness. You may feel pain, especially after walking, climbing stairs, kneeling or knee brace for runnings .

You can know only safe if you have arthritis if a thorough medical examination is obtained. This may include physical examinations, laboratory tests, X-rays and the study of medical history. This test can also determine the type of arthritis that is.

What types of arthritis affecting the knee? There are three types of arthritis which can affect the knee. Osteoarthritis is the first type. The cartilage in the knee joint is slowly worn if you have osteoarthritis. It is the most common form of arthritis.

The second type is called rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis cause inflammation, can destroy the cartilage of the knee. Post-traumatic arthritis is the third type of arthritis. When the knee was broken or had some sort of band surgery, you can develop this type of arthritis.

A bracket is my help arthritis pain? Knee arthritis often because the knee is not properly aligned. These displacements are known as varus (bowlegged) or valgus (knock-kneed). Varus alignment causes more stress on the inside of the knee, valgus and caused on the outside of the knee more stress.

Damage to the knee cartilage and joint damage may be a result of this voltage. To ensure that you do not unnecessary stress on your knees, you can use a clamp. Arthritic knee braces can help ensure that your knees are aligned correctly. Proper alignment can alleviate pain.

Arthritic buttons are buttons such as arthritis express Brace Ossur, the DonJoy OA Adjuster Brace and Bledsoe Thruster RLF Brace Arthritis. supports for arthritic knees, as these reduce pain and improve joint function.

These three keys arthritis of knee braces are Stage IV, which means that they receive the greatest support. These braces knee arthritis cost $ 550.00, $ 669.95 and $ 669.95, respectively. Based on customer feedback, the corset DonJoy OA seems to be the most popular of these three keys knee arthritis.

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