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Covering the US Election 2004 Coverage – Media criticism, News, Ethics

23 May 2014
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As Columbia Journalism Review, Media Matters for America, and countless others have noted, the media has applied an alarming double standard in covering Bush’s and Kerry’s changes in position… a media double standard that could determine the result of the 2004 presidential election.

David Brock and Jamison Foser / AlterNet / 9-9-2004 / 4:17

A Shot Across the Bow or a Sign of the Times?

In his speech at the Republican National Convention, President Bush garnered laughter and applause by taking a shot at the New York Times…It’s well-established that Bush and his team consider the media just one more special interest with one more special agenda, but last week’s attack, little-commented-upon though it has been, marked a line drawn in the sand in front of a national audience.

Brian Montopoli / CJR Campaign Desk / 9-9-2004 / 3:58

Bush’s Convention: Amazing TV Triumph, Infomercial for Ages

When President George W. Bush introduced his wife at the Republican National Convention via satellite from Gettysburg, Penn., you could see, over his left shoulder, a softball game going on. But if you looked a little closer, you saw something odd: All the batters whacking pitches into the air had the number “43” stenciled on their jerseys in bright white print.

Joe Hagan / New York Observer / 9-9-2004 / 3:47

How Arab TV Covered the Republicans’ Convention

Except for the state channel controlled by the Saudi royal family — who are loyal U.S. allies — several of the key players in Arab television tended to not conceal their distaste for President Bush’s Middle East policies.

Jalal Ghazi / New California Media / 9-9-2004 / 3:30

Willie Horton II?

[Washington Post reporter] Paul Farhi’s comparison of the 1988 Willie Horton ad and this year’s Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad lets the media off the hook a little too easily… there’s a huge difference between an ad that’s vile and highly misleading but literally true (Horton was furloughed on Dukakis’s watch) and an ad that’s factually inaccurate on top of being vile and misleading…

Are you looking for Velcro Knee Brace?

We will discuss more in this article is not about the difference between Velcro Knee Brace and Other Top Knee Braces. At the end we will also discuss how to find the best knee brace for your needs Velcro. – Sounds fair?

1.) The Internet & Finding The Brace You Need

The Internet makes it possible for you to find quality a knee brace medical grade. Both types Velcro and no Velcro. Normally braces Velcro on them when they are involved. This probably describes 98% of knee braces, so it is better if you restrict what type of knee brace you need velcro.

2.) An important rule when it comes to knee braces

A good rule of thumb is that the more complex the knee instability or pain, more deluxe knee brace. For example, you may not want to an ACL instability with a rubber key because as possible to handle and actually say, will not have the support that you need.
What you should do is first of all the type of injury.

If an analysis by your doctor to help. You then have to qualify their grievances and instability on a scale of 1 to 10 (Please use the worst kind of pain.) Then, of course, most of us have to be considered to take our budget. Today you can download a clip that for a fraction of the price would be the Internet you get when you visit an expert in corset in a brick and mortar business.

3.) There are two things that you need to be able to do to have the key of the Law

A.) With the ability to make their own measurements. In general, a circumferential measurement is 6 “(15 cm) above the knee generally everything you have. But, just to be on the safe side, it is also advisable to provide a measure of the scope have the middle part of the knee and also on a label 6 “(15 cm) below the center of the knee. If these measures need to be able to find your size.
B.) Probably the most important thing for you if you try a knee brace can be found excellent medical standards, is usually able to the people who own or operate the site to consult you go. Either by email or phone. If you have difficulty, not really to speak to in a position to a person, go ahead. (This is health information to talk to your doctor about medical attention.)

Prime 5 Greatest Quadcopters for Aerial Filming


You must also have the best camcorder ever created, establishing a very good step stable air quality is usually a challenge it will be. This is especially true if you shoot from a helicopter or microlight. For a guy to do their very high price and other questions you will see a very good team needed to calm the camera for the duration of flights.

Because of the quadricopter, aerial photography is now easier and safer than ever. Currently DJI quadricopter paved the way and we here at the best. We examined each and every one is excellent in its own way.
Between quadricopter industry, is the new Phantom Vision 2 + is regarded as one particular of the best in the enormity of video from your simple triaxial Report gimbal capacity.


With an integrated HD FPV camera hyperlink redesigned, you can stream live video and still images from the quadricopter to your smartphone. In terms of convenience, the vision of two + trumps the rest simply because the suspension and a camera are already connected to the machine, making configuration complications.

The best post is the second vision Best Quadcopter This is a bit cheaper than the Plus and could large enough for multiple users. However, 1080p movies, but does not include camera gimbal assembly. Whether with recordings of Vision 2, also softened so simply assume that the-two-vision-setting. Check out the vision of two tests to see much more

AR.Drone-no-Hull-Front-View-150x150If you are currently a staff GoPro Hero3: Black Version or need another GoPro camera then by all means, for use with the Phantom Zenmuse. This allows the highest quality aerial photography to shoot using the advanced features of the GoPro cameras Hero3. The disadvantage is that you FPV out of the box you can not.

Although DIY can be used, this system is coupled to a level of skill in aerial photography. It is capable of carrying a heavy load, the much more versatile than the type of camera you use it, it was a movement of the camera or DSLR selection. The important thing regarding the GPS quadricopter that created for portability, so it has a retractable gear touchdown and pliable body. It is a G-2D brushless additional camera orientation is appropriate with GoPro Hero three. As an added bonus, the QR X800 GPS has much more than 40 minutes of flight.

This system follows the same platform as the original Phantom DJI, but with additional features. Now comes with a first person camera in particular, that can be solved, a transmitter 5.8 GHz six-channel, Wi-Fi and V2-M Naza flight controller with IOC. The Dji Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter For GoPro is created to get you started on aerial photographs edit away. Just make sure you get an iOS or Android smartphone, which also requires the Quadcopter.

Know that although some of these are not quadricopter low cost. If less air film is his passion, yet the price can be any object. Ideal Quad-best five helicopters to film and production